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The Easiest Ways to Select A Double Watch Winder Box

For the owners of automatic watches, they need to maintain the watches to stay turning. A watch winder is a box to keep your watch collection. The function is to turn your automatic watches when you don’t wear them. It makes your watches ready to use. A double watch winder box will be the best choice for storing your collection. 

The Guidance to Choose A Double Watch Winder Box 

There will be some ways to choose this watch winder box.

  1. Count Your Watch 

 Firstly, you can count the number of your watches. Then, you classify it as belonging to a manual or automatic watch category. If it is an automatic watch, you must keep it in a watch winder box. If you have only one or two automatic watches, a double watch winder box is the right choice. It can turn your watches double. If you have so many watches, you can choose a watch winder with 48 spaces. 

  1. Check Rotation 

Today, there will be available settings found easily in one watch winder. Do you want to manage a turning direction or turns per day? Some watch winders have a double rotation mode. It scheduled break to make your watches relaxed. Some watches have determined the turns per day and let the watch keep turning. It seems to be a good option. Thus, it is essential to consider your watch need. 

  1. Quality 

The price determines the quality of a watch winder box. When you select it, you can’t consider its price. There will be many watch winder boxes in the market. It is damaging your watches when you choose the worst one. Selecting both expensive and cheapest ones is your right as long as knowing your needs. You need to consider the machine, a box material, and the dynamo of the double watch winder box.

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