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5 Things to Take a Look before Buying a High End Watch Winder

What is the biggest reason why you buy a high end watch winder? some people might think of the brand. Some other people might think of the aesthetic look of the winder. Nevertheless, you should not buy a high-end watch winder before you take a look at these five important things.

Program Setting

There will be no meaning in buying a high-end watch winder if the winder does not come with an adjustable program setting. You need a high-end watch winder that can provide suitable numbers of spins per day for your automatic watch.

Watch Position

The watch position will also be another important thing to pay attention to when looking for a high end watch winder. The best high-end winder should be able to provide a vertical or almost vertical position to the automatic. This position will ensure the gravity force is adjusted on each dial of the automatic watch.

Cushion and Holder

The quality of the cushion and watch holder must also be checked when looking for the best high-end watch winder. You have to make sure that the holders do not stretch the band of your luxury watch excessively.

Sound Reduction

A noisy watch winder will not be expected from a high end watch winder. It will be very disturbing, especially when you put the watch winder in your bedroom. That is why you need to find a watch winder that is using sound muffler technology to reduce the motor sound. The quieter winder will be better.

Power Supply

The watch winder needs electricity to power its movement. You need to look for a high-end watch winder that allows you to use a power adapter that can be plugged into the wall directly. It will deliver more consistent energy to turn your winder. Nevertheless, a high end watch winder with rechargeable battery power will be a great traveling companion.

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